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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I had been dating Kathy for about six weeks. We were both in our graduate year at McMaster University. Kathy was a hometown girl and teen cum I was from a small town about fifty miles away. I was sharing a house with five other guys and Kathy lived at home with her parents.

Kathy's father is www.hkfti.com a doctor and the family home is a fashionable Tudor two-story in an affluent part of town. The Baxter's employed a maid and cook as Kathy's mother entertained frequently.

"C'mon Ben, you have to meet them!" Kathy urged. teen in shower wanted me to meet her parents, as we were getting serious. The way we were going we likely would be having sex soon. "Ok." I agreed.

The Baxter home was impressive, the sex pictures teen orgy living room had windows rising to the 12" ceiling capturing the evening sunset. A life-size portrait of Kathy in her debutant dress hung over the stone fireplace. The room was teen bikini sex in a nautical theme an authentic square-rigger's helm wheel was fashioned into a magnificent coffee table surrounded by black leather armchairs and sofa. The lamps were replicas of 18th teen cum century ship's lanterns. The house reeked of wealth.

Doctor Baxter was an impressive man. Standing 6'1" with silver hair and a full English moustache he greeted me with his Dunhill Redbark pipe in his mouth.

Kathy's mother was considerable younger than the doctor, appearing to be somewhere in her mid-forties. She still maintained a formidable figure with her large bust her lustrous coiffured auburn hair and a diamond necklace adorning her ample cleavage.

stories from black teens who lost enjoyed teen cum sumptuous dinner respecting my kosher diet and then spent about an hour of fellowship while sipping Carmel Private Selection dry Sauvignon. When time came to bid farewell I believed I had created a good impression on the doctor and cum pic slut teen wife.

The call came unexpectedly. "Hello Ben? This is Katharine's mother naked teen cum I see you this evening?" I had no idea why she wanted to see my but since the other guys were making a lot of noise cam teen girl anal fucked sexy teen to come to her house about 7 pm.

When I teen cum at the Baxter home Mrs. Baxter greeted me at the front door. She was dressed much less formal a floor length Japanese Kimono covered her entire body. She invited me in to her parlor. Virginia Baxter was alone in the house. The staff had left for the day, the doctor was out of town on a synopsis and Kathy was taking part in a basketball tournament in another town. She had my undivided attention.

Virginia had been obviously drinking and appeared to be intoxicated, She offered me a gin and soda as she refilled her glass, I declined.

"Ben, I am going to be candid with you!" she begins. "Preston and I would prefer you not date our daughter. We have plans for Katharine with someone of her own faith."

So it was the old Semitic discrimination card! The Baxter's did not want their daughter naked teen outdoor marry a Jew.

"Don't you think that is for Kathy to decide?" I challenged.

"I am willing to make you an offer you can't refuse!" Virginia answered untying her robe and slipping it off her shoulders. The silk kimono fell to the floor leaving my girlfriend's mother standing before me naked. She was beautiful!

"Ben, I am willing to let you fuck me instead of Katharine!" she offered.

My cock was Free Playboy Videos hard. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to sink my cock in Virginia's Raven black bush. They say, "A stiff cock has no conscience", which was quite accurate at that moment.

"Don't you want to fuck me Ben?" she toyed with me. "Don't worry, the doctor will never know!"

Without bothering to retrieve her robe Virginia took my hand and naked lead me to the master bedroom. Obediently like a well-trained spaniel I followed. Virginia's bedroom was like Cleopatra's chambers complete with the canopy teen youngest nude Kathy's mother lay across the snow-white duvet on her back, her legs invitingly spread open, teen sites porn me Ben!" she begged.

It panties and peeing in and teens and free me less than a minute to get my clothes off. I advanced towards the naked vamp with my erection swaying threateningly. I mounted her and sank my hard cock into her moist depths feet free teen legs wrapped my hips and pulled me deeper into her hungry cunt. "Fuck me hard you bastard!" she moaned.

Virginia was the best fuck I had during my young life. Her body responded to my cock much more skillfully than Elsie-Mae Kennesden's had at the high school prom. Virginia moaned and gyrated, her hips rising to greet my plunging cock, "Oh yes, fuck me!" she begged over and over. I drove my cock harder and harder into he in an attempt to satisfy her lust for young cock.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Virginia screamed as I achieved my goal. Her back teen cunt arched and her body stiffened as I emptied my strickly teen porno magazines no checking into her waiting teen cum cunt. One. Two, three surges of sperm pumped into my girlfriend's mother as she lay beneath me.

"We have a deal?" Virginia confirmed as I left that day. We had agreed that I would not fuck her daughter in return for her making herself available to my cock whenever I needed sex, which was going to be often!

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